Wollongong Harbour Lighthouse

Wollongong is the only point on the eastern coast of Australia which has two lighthouses.

The old Wollongong Harbour Lighthouse is located on the end of the breakwater, and assisted the passage of vessels into Wollongong Harbour.


The lighthouse was built in 1871. It is situated in the Belmore Basin on the southern breakwater.

Edward Orphan Moriarty, the Engineer-in-Chief of Harbours and Rivers Department, NSW, designed the Lighthouse.

The tower is constructed of wrought iron on a ferro-concrete base.

Joseph Mather won the contract to build the lighthouse, as well as an identical one which was built next at Ulladulla, later moved to Warden Head.

The wrought iron plates were manufactured and assembled in his foundry, after which they re-assembled them on site.

It is not known when the original oil burner was replaced. Gas was supplied to the town in 1883. It is known in 1908 that a Kern Gas Burner was installed.

An acetylene gas burner was installed in 1916 and was considered to be a great improvement.

Again it is not clear when the light was upgraded to electricity. Some believe 1922, others as late as 1947.

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Title Address Description
Cape Baily
Cape Baily Track, Kurnell NSW 2231, AustraliaCape Baily
Flagstaff Point (Wollongong Head)
lot 2500, LOT 2 Endeavour Dr, Wollongong NSW 2500, AustraliaFlagstaff Point (Wollongong Head)
Wollongong Harbour
2 Endeavour Dr, Wollongong NSW 2500, AustraliaWollongong Harbour
Blowhole Point Road, Kiama NSW 2533, AustraliaKiama

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The first request for a lighthouse was made in 1866 by the Wollongong Borough Council.

Until the lighthouse came into service a temporary red light was fixed in a box at the end of the pier.

While the lighthouse was being constructed there was concern that the tower would not survive in gale force weather, and that under these conditions the keeper would not be able to reach it on the end of the breakwater.

Work was delayed by heavy seas which the lighthouse tower did survive.

Even though the lantern was installed in July 1871 the light was not exhibited regularly until January 1872.

The original Chance apparatus was dismantled about 1970 and the Maritime Services Board of NSW proposed to use it at Eden on the South Coast.

The new Wollongong Head Lighthouse was constructed on Flagstaff Point to the east of the Breakwater in 1937 and took over as the major light in the area serving the growing port of Port Kembla.

The breakwater light was extinguished in March 1974.

Preservation Issues

Due to years of neglect the wrought iron plates, railing and footing had deteriorated so much that the lighthouse was considered for demolition in the 1970s, however the Wollongong community called for its retention.

This light was placed on Register of the National Estate in 1982, and local organizations contributed to its full restoration in 1978-79.

The lighthouse was transferred to the NSW State in 1997 under the control of the then NSW Department of Industry (Lands).

The lighthouse remains in its original configuration, divided into three storeys with wooden floors, each storey being connected by wooden ladders.  The external ladder from ground level to the second floor entry was removed in the 2000 restoration.

A complete restoration was begun in 2000 and when completed it was exhibited for the first time in 18 years in March 2002 to coincide with the IALA Conference in Sydney and the Lighthouses of Australia Annual Dinner in Wollongong.

LOA president Ian Clifford was involved as a technical adviser in the restoration including restoring the apparatus to operating condition.  An historically correct flashing sequence was set to allow operation of the light for special events including International Lighthouse and Lightships weekend in August each year. Lighthouses of Australia maintains the apparatus so it can be demonstrated as working heritage.


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Technical Details

First Exhibited1872
Permanent Tower
Current Tower1872
StatusDeactivated May 1974
LocationLat. 33°51'17.74"S Long. 151°13'32.38"E
Original OpticChance Bros 250mm fixed
Current OpticSixth order double drum
ConstructionWrought iron
Height12.8 m
Elevation17 m
Range10 NM
CharacterGroup flashing (3) white and red 20 seconds with the red sector from 217 degrees through to 180 degrees.
Intensity1000 cd
Light Source12 Volt 35 Watt lamps
(Upper & Lower)
Power SourceMains Electricty
OperatorLighthouses of Australia special occasions
CustodianNSW Roads and Maritime Services
NotesRestored light is relit for special occasions.
  NB: Information is historical data and is not for navigational purposes.


The lighthouse breakwater is accessible all year.







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