Point Cartwright Lighthouse

The Point Cartwright Lighthouse is the third light to guide ships into Moreton Bay since 1897. The technology of the light is far removed from the original oil lamp and reflector of last century.


The first lighthouse was established at Caloundra in 1896 and was the typical Queensland tower; a timber frame with metal cladding.

In 1967, a new signal tower and lighthouse was erected for the Caloundra Harbour was erected next to the old lighthouse on Canberra Terrace.

Because the second lighthouse was becoming obscured by high-rise development it was decided to build a new light on the coast to guide ships approaching the NW channel to Moreton Bay from the North. The existing light would be turned over to the Queensland Department of Harbours and Marine to serve as a harbour light.

The third lighthouse was erected in 1978 on the mouth of the Mooloolaba River at Point Cartwright 14 kilometres north of the old lights at Caloundra. It was constructed of reinforced concrete surmounted by a precast concrete lantern room.

The light departed from the traditional light source and lens. It is powered by an array of sealed beam lamps. A red sector provides guidance to the North West for vessels entering Mooloolaba Harbour.

The light is unmanned and only requires servicing once every four months.

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Title Address Description
Double Island Point
Double Island Point Lighthouse Track, Cooloola QLD 4580, AustraliaDouble Island Point
Point Cartwright
Eliza Towers, 1 Pacific Blvd, Buddina QLD 4575, AustraliaPoint Cartwright
Caloundra Lighthouses
8/10 Canberra Terrace, Kings Beach QLD 4551, AustraliaCaloundra Lighthouses
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Point Cartwright Interior - AMSA

Cross-section of the lantern room – Plan: AMSA

Diagram Left:(1) The lantern room optics comprises a revolving hexagonal column of sealed beam lamps arranged in two banks – a main bank and an emergency bank.

(2) A red sector, using a filter and a red Plexiglas screen provides a low intensity red light to the North West for vessels entering Mooloolaba Harbour.

(3) The switchboard controlling the supply of power from mains, diesel standby and battery banks.



Technical Details

First Exhibited1979
Permanent Tower
LocationLat: 26° 40.786' S Long: 153° 08.307' E
Original Optic
Current OpticVRB-25 inside Lantern Room
ConstructionWhite 5 sided concrete tower and lantern
Height32 m
Elevation53 m
RangeNominal: White: 20 nm Red: 9 nm
Geographical: 19 nm
CharacterFl. WR (2) in 15 secs
IntensityWhite 116,500 cd Red 790 cd
Light Source12V 100W C8 Halogen LP PR30s
Power Source240V AC Mains Charged Modular Battery
NotesAs at August 2014
  NB: Information is historical data and is not for navigational purposes.


The lighthouse grounds are open all year round. The tower is not open to the public.


No tours are available.


Detail to come.


  • Point Cartwright from the sea – Bob Caddell  External link
  • Point Cartwright Lighthouse In the Afternoon Sun – Craig Jewell, CC BY-SA 2.0  External link
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