Point Lowly Lighthouse

The Lowly Point Lighthouse stands out on a point jutting into the northern end of the Spencer Gulf.

This light was re-activated in 1995 by the Whyalla City Council.


The lighthouse was built in 1883 after the conditions were found to be unsatisfactory for the continued use of a lightship at that location.

It is the oldest building in the Whyalla area and was used to assist ships going to Augusta and Port Pirie.

The original structure was 15 metres in height and was made from local sandstone. Its optical apparatus had an eight side catadioptric lens that revolved once every 80 seconds and gave a 2 second flash every 10 seconds. The light source was a wick burner fuelled by mineral oil. Supplies were landed by boat from Port Pirie on the opposite side of the Gulf.

After a number of incidents the height of the light was raised by 7.6 metres to its current level in 1909. At this time a kerosene vaporising light unit was installed.

The light was demanned in 1973 after the installation of a Stone Chance Power Beam Beacon on the balcony, which was powered by batteries. In 1979, the light was connected to mains electricity and the lens and lamp were upgraded in this process.

The light was turn off in 1993 by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as it believed it was no longer necessary.


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The lighthouse reserve is accessible to the public. The road is a sealed bitumen road from Whyalla to the lighthouse at Port Bonython. The trip takes about 20 minutes.


No tours are available.


It is possible to stay in the old keepers cottages.