Aims of LoA Inc

The aim is to create a higher profile for Australian lighthouses within Australia and overseas.

  1. Collect and archive oral and written history about the maritime heritage of the lighthouses of Australia including information in a variety of forms such as photos, memorabilia, plans, family anecdotes, letters and keeper details.
  2. Keep members and the general public informed about the maritime heritage of the lighthouses of Australia and aware of current developments and issues relating to the protection of that heritage.
  3. Support local action groups that provide opportunities for involvement in the protection of lighthouses and their associated buildings.
  4. Provide opportunities to bring together those who share a common interest in Australian lighthouses at a local, state and national level.


Functions of LoA Inc

  1. To use the Internet to provide photographic essays detailing a brief technical description of each lighthouse, its history, issues, location and surrounding areas.
  2. To create and distribute The Prism, a printed/electronic journal distributed to all financial members and a free email newsletter, the Bulletin, which is emailed to subscribers who have an interest in lighthouses and a wish to be informed.
  3. To raise funds to further support the aims of LoA Inc. to preserve, protect and promote our Australian lighthouse heritage for the future.
  4. To bring together all those who have an interest in the preservation of Australian lighthouses, into one effective organisation.