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Maatsuyker through our eyes  <NEW>
Caretaking on Tasmania’s wild and remote Maatsuyker Island

Paul Richardson and Amanda Walker 2018

Hardback 320 pages

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Australia’s Highway of Lighthouses

Garry Searle  2014
Garry   0418 815595

Lighthouses of Australia
Images from the End of an Era

John Ibbotson  2004
John   02 6645 5554

Lighthouses of Australia
The Offshore Lights

John Ibbotson  2006
John   02 6645 5554

Lighthouses of Australia
A Visitors Guide

John Ibbotson 2003
John   02 6645 5554

Out of Print

From Dusk to Dawn
A History of Australian Lighthouses

Gordon Reid 1988

Out of Print

History of the Iron Pot
Derwent Light

Suzanne Smythe 2012

40 South Publishing

Cape Jaffa
Its Memorial to Seafarers, Fishermen and Lightkeepers

John Nicholson  2002

The Lightkeepers of Gabo Island

Janine Jackson 2016

The book is in A4 size, 326 page and paperback form.
ISBN: 978-0-9946380-0-7
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