Prism Magazine Archive

The Prism has been the magazine for LoA members since it was formed in 2002 and the first editor Denise Shultz filled that role for over 14 years. In 2016 Jessica Clifford took on the role and has continued the great service with a new fresh look in 2017.

These archive copies of the Prism are available for download for members – click the appropriate year button to expand or collapse the listing.

Archive 2002-2009 | Archive 2010-2019 | Archive 2020-2029

Current Issue – 2020 Issue 3


  • Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse by Ian Clifford
  • A Typical Day In A Keepers Life by Ted Peers
  • The lighthouses of Orkney Pt 2 by Ken Ohlsson
  • My Favourite Lighthouse by Sandy McInerney
Prism Edition 2 2020

2020 Issue 2


  • The lighthouses of Orkney Pt 1 by Ken Ohlsson
  • The way we were: Lighthouse tender Cape Leeuwin
  • South Solitary Island History by Ian Clifford
  • Shutdown of AMSA’s Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)
    by Ian Clifford
  • LoA AGM 2020 to be Held in Hobart

2020 Issue 1


  • A Look at Japanese Lighthouses by Dirk Selderyk
  • John Lee Archer’s Legacy – The First Three Lighthouses in Tasmania
    Iron Pot, Low Head, Cape Bruny
  • Friends of South Solitary Island Pop Up Exhibition by Ian Clifford
  • Ladies of the Lights by Jack Duvoisin
  • LoA AGM 2020 to be Held in Hobart – A Message from the President