Green Cape Lighthouse

The Green Cape Lighthouse was the first cast concrete lighthouse tower in Australia. It is situated in the picturesque Ben Boyd National Park.


The Green Cape Lighthouse was built in 1883 and was the first cast concrete lighthouse tower in Australia.  At 29 metres it is the state’s tallest light.

The lightstation is situated on a point of land projecting from Ben Boyd National Park. It is the southernmost lighthouse in New South Wales.

Problems occurred during construction when a 6 metre white clay belt was discovered forcing the foundation to be dug to 9 metres altogether.

The original Chance Brothers revolving lantern was fuelled by kerosene and mantle, and produced 100,000 candelas for a radius of 34km.

The light was electrified in 1962 and upgraded to 1,000,000 candelas in 1967.

The tower has since been replaced by the latest automated steel lattice skeleton tower with a solar powered light.

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Title Address Description
Montague Island
Unnamed Road, New South Wales, Australia

Montague Island

Green Cape
Green Cape Lighthouse Rd, Green Cape NSW 2551, Australia

Green Cape

Gabo Island
Unnamed Road, Mallacoota VIC 3892, Australia

Gabo Island

Point Hicks
Lighthouse Track, Tamboon VIC 3880, Australia

Point Hicks

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Despite the presence of the lighthouse a major shipwreck occurred in May 1886.  The SS Ly-ee-moon en route to Sydney from Melbourne, struck a reef close to the Green Cape in Southern NSW at night.  71 souls were lost with the lighthouse keepers only being able to save 15 people under the conditions.


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Heritage Light

Current Tower1993
First Exhibited1 November 1883
LocationLat. 37° 15.715' S Long. 150° 02.995' E
Original OpticChance Bros 920mm eight sided catadioptic
Current OpticChance Bros 920mm 4 sided catadioptic
De-activatedMarch 1994
ConstructionMass concrete
Height29 m
Elevation44 m
Range22 NM
CharacterFlashing white (2) 15s
Intensity1,200,000 cd
Light Source1000W tungsten halogen bi post
Power SourceSolar/Diesel generator
OperatorLighthouses of Australia special occasions
CustodianNSW National Parks & Wildlife
NotesReplaced by solar light on steel lattice tower

NB: Information is historical data and is not for navigational purposes.

Current Light

First Exhibited1 November 1883
Current Tower1993
Current OpticTideland Nova 250 LED signal lantern
CommissionedMarch 1994
ConstructionSteel lattice tower surmounted with size 3 GRB hut
Height17 m
Elevation39 m
Range14 NM
CharacterFlashing white (2) 15s
Intensity14,000 cd
Light SourceHigh intensity LED's
Power SourceSolar
NotesReplaced 1883 heritage light

NB: Information is historical data and is not for navigational purposes.


The Green Cape Lighthouse is located in the Ben Boyd National Park 22 kilometres south of Two Fold Bay. Accommodation is available. The nearest town is Eden.


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