Pine Islet Lighthouse

The Pine islet Lighthouse, now relocated to Mackay was the last kerosene illuminated lighthouse in Australia.

When relocated from Pine Islet in the Percy Isles to its current location at the Port of Mackay the lighthouse was fully reassembled to allow operation of the light making if one of a small number of working kerosene lights in the world. Work was completed in late 1995, and the lighthouse was formally opened on 20 January 1996.


The lightstation was situated on Pine Islet in the Percy Group, south-east of Mackay. The tower structure and keepers quarters were prefabricated in Brisbane before being shipped to the island in October 1884. Iron cladding for the lighthouse was brought from Britain. Construction was undertaken by WP Clarke who erected a number of Queensland lighthouses with work on the island commencing in late 1884 with construction completed in July 1885 for 6,900 pounds.

The lighthouse apparatus consists of a second-order Chance Brothers lantern housing a 2nd order catadioptric lens. The lens consists of 4 fixed panels and 4 flash panels producing a composite character of fixed and flashing. The lens is rotated on a chariot wheel pedestal driven by a clockwork mechanism which was wound at approximately 2 hour intervals. The original lantern was replaced by a refurbished lantern from North Reef in 1934.

The structure is one of the eight Queensland iron clad prefabricated hardwood towers of the late nineteenth century. The original lamp was an oil wick burner.

The light exhibited a fixed light for one minute, eclipse 25 seconds, flash ten seconds, and eclipse 25 seconds with one revolution of the lens occurring every 8 minutes. The light had a red shade to mark the direction of Normanby Rock, 1.6 km south-west of the lighthouse.

In November 1923 the light source was converted from oil wick to a 55mm incandescent kerosene vapour burner.

The original keepers cottages were replaced in 1927, with 3 fibro-clad cottages. The houses were electrified in 1950 when a 110v system was installed. A 240v system was installed in 1965.

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Title Address Description
Flat Top Island
Unnamed Road, Mackay Harbour QLD 4740, AustraliaFlat Top Island
Mackay Harbour
44 Mulherin Dr, Mackay Harbour QLD 4740, AustraliaMackay Harbour
Pine Islet
The Percy Group QLD 4707, AustraliaPine Islet
North Reef
Gladstone, QLD, AustraliaNorth Reef

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After 104 years of service the lighthouse was replaced by a fully automatic solar-powered light in 1985. It was the last kerosene illuminated light operating in Australia.

On completion of the dismantling in 1986, the work crew inscribed on the cement base:

Pine Islet Lighthouse

Built 18/07/1885

Dismantled 12/11/1986


After much lobbying by locals the lighthouse was reassembled on a new site at the Port of Mackay. The restoration of the lighthouse to full operational status on its present site was completed in late 1995. While the lighthouse is not currently in operating condition plans are underway to again restore the light to allow its operation.

The ghost of Pine Islet

In 1895 one of the keepers wives died and was buried on the island. When the new cottages were built in 1927 the grave site was relocated by 30 metres to make way for for the new cottage. The residents of the new cottage would report answering knocking on the door but no-one there. Another resident told of hearing footsteps entering the house and going into the lounge. After this the ghost was never heard from again. 


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Technical Details

First Exhibited18th July 1885
Permanent Tower1885
Original OpticChance Bros 2nd order 700mm
Current OpticChance Bros 2nd order 700mm
AutomatedAugust 1985
ConstructionTimber with iron cladding
Height7.2 mts to balcony
CharacterFixed 120 sec, flashing 6 sec
Intensity120,000 cd
Light Source55mm Vaporised kerosene mantle
Power Source
NotesAs of Nov 23 work is underway to make the light operational.

  NB: Information is historical data and is not for navigational purposes.


The lighthouse has been relocated to the marina area at Mackay. The grounds are open all year round. The tower is not open to the public.


No tours are available.


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