Robe Lighthouse

The modern Robe Lighthouse is a star-shaped concrete tower which was built in 1972.

The Robe Lighthouse was built as an automated unmanned light to replace the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse.


The Robe Lighthouse is a star-shaped concrete tower which was built in 1972. It is 3.5 metres wide at the bottom, and slants towards 5 metres wide at the top.

It was built to replace the now defunct Cape Jaffa Lighthouse near Kingston.The light array is three vertical banks of 5 x 200w headlight type lamps in each bank. The light has always been automatic and therefore unmanned.

In the early days of settlement, Robe was the main port for the south-east of South Australia and the border country.

Until the establishment of this light, the only navigational aid into Robe was an obelisk.

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Title Address Description
Cape Jaffa Platform

Cape Jaffa

Cape Jaffa (Kingston)
33 Marine Parade, Kingston SE SA 5275, Australia

Cape Jaffa

Robe Obelisk
Obelisk Rd, Robe SA 5276, Australia

Robe Obelisk

6 Adam Lindsay Gordon Dr, Robe SA 5276, Australia


Cape Martin
Foster St, Beachport SA 5280, Australia

Cape Martin

Penguin Island
Scenic Dr, Beachport SA 5280, Australia

Penguin Island


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Technical Details

First Exhibited1972
LocationLatitude: 37° 09.8620' S
Longitude: 139° 44.6650' E
Original Optic
Current Optic3 flash panel 250mm f.r. (ex-Gabo Is lens)
DemannedBuilt as an unmanned light
ConstructionWhite tri-star concrete tower with NAL 1
Height19 m, 15.5 metres to base of lantern
Elevation63 m
RangeNominal: Main: 22 nm De-intensified sector: 16 nm
Geographical: 21 nm
CharacterFl. W. (3) in 10 secs
IntensityMain: 213,000 cd
De-intensified sector: 21,700 cd
Light SourceLED Array Sealite
Power Source240 Volts Mains
NotesAs at Nov 2016

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The lighthouse on the western edge of the Robe township and is easily accessible by road. The lighthouse grounds are open all year round.


No tours are available.

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